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Philipp PöhnerPhilipp Pöhner

Philipp Pöhner

When Onkel saw Philipp's playing skills, he became a fan from the first moment. Finally a drummer, who plays the cajon totally different. You don't need to play flamenco to get your bandmats and the audience freak out. It's his unique style, which grooves bad ass!More isn't possible. A Punk Heart on solid wood! So cool!!!!"


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Professional Activities


Why Schlagwerk?

When I think of Schlagwerk, my band Liedfett and the cajón as an instrument in generall comes to my mind. Probably because Liedfett got me into playing a cajon first and I never got to know another cajon.

Favourite Instrument?


Musical Style

Accoustic, punk, hip hop, ska, etc. some kind of mixture we call „Liedermaching Unterground“



How to mic

Cajon back: Beta 52, Cajon front: Sm 57/beta 56

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