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Matthias PhilipzenMatthias Philipzen

Matthias Philipzen

Born in 1966 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, the drummer and percussionist Matthias Philipzen learned his craft mainly in an autodidactic manner. A lenghty stay in the United States while studying at the Drummers´ Collective in New York led him to pursue a career as a professional musician.
Today, he lives in Würzburg where he works as a teacher at the University of Music; he is also frequently booked to present workshops and to perform as a live musician all over Europe.
Moreover, he has already published four books and two instructional DVDs on cajon playing and acts as a freelance editor for the drum magazine “Drum Heads”.
In 2010, Matthias Philipzen and his band Alea (founded in 1984) have released their fifth album.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

Schlagwerk manufactures exceptional instruments which are the measure of all things with regard to sound and aesthetics

Favourite Instrument?

Cajon, Crash Box

Musical Style

Rock, pop, soul, funk, etc


DJ Bobo, Bahamas Sound Club, Mellow Melange, Schné-Ensemble

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Künstler spieltKünstler spielt

CP 4007 Burl
vai al prodotto

vai al prodotto

SET 75 Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
Set Heck Stick & Side Kick
vai al prodotto

vai al prodotto

SK 40 Double Shaker
vai al prodotto

vai al prodotto

BRC 01 Cajon Brush #1 Matthias Philipzen
Cajon Brush #1
vai al prodotto

vai al prodotto